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Jewish Care

Jewish Care is provides health and social care for the Jewish community in the UK. We provide four main services: Community & Day Centres: Jewish Care's centres, social clubs and support groups are enormously important to our... (read more)

Carers Support Merton

We provide support to unpaid carers in Merton. A carer is someone who looks after a family member, partner, friend or neighbour who due to illness, disability, frailty or addiction is unable to manage alone. Carers provide unpaid care and... (read more)

Age UK East London

Too many times older people are pigeon-holed due to their condition. Our Care Quality Commissioned Registered Home & Care Services at Age UK East London offer inclusive tailor made services to meet your needs. Everything we do is about... (read more)

Friends Of The Elderly

To relieve poverty; to offer advice and to give assistance in money and in kind to those who are genuinely necessitious; to establish and carry on homes in the united kingdom and elsewhere, and in particular homes for old people, convalescent homes... (read more)

The Minchinhampton Centre For The Elderly

1) The relief of the aged and disabled who are resident within a radius of six kilometres from the public house known as 'the ragged cot', at hyde near minchinhampton, by the provision of facilities for rehabilitation, recreation and leisure time... (read more)

Minchinhampton Centre For The Elderly Limited

To further the objects of the minchinhampton centre for the elderly (registered charity no. 287479) And, in particular, to acquire on lease or otherwise from the charity land in minchinhampton for the purpose of establishing, developing and building... (read more)

The Elders Foundation

A prevent and relieve poverty b relieve those in need by reason of sickness, ill-health or other disadvantage c advance environmental protection and improvement for the public benefit d advance national and international conflict resolution and... (read more)

Contact the Elderly

Contact the Elderly organises regular monthly get-togethers for people over 75, who live alone with little or no contact with friends or family. Holding a Dinner 4 Good party will help us to run our Sunday Tea Parties that take place across the... (read more)

Simeon Care For The Elderly Ltd (Scotland)

To provide homes and sheltered housing for the elderly, physically and mentally handicapped and for those who are unable to find a place, temporarily or permanently, in the social order; and to create conditions calculated to affect favourably their... (read more)

Contact the Elderly Limited (Scotland)

3.1 To encourage old people living alone to develop social interests by bringing companionship into their lives 3.2 To help such people to establish contact with those who are similarly placed 3.3 To encourage young people to devote some of their... (read more)

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